Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Girls Night

Alex is wearing Dress: Calvin Klein, Denim Top: J. Crew, Bag: Madewell, Boots: Hunter Boots

There are certain moments that I absolutely look forward to and one of those has to be getting together with my best friends, Alex and Nessie.  While strolling around Downtown Royal Oak, we aimlessly wondered in vintage shops and spent a little time taking photos (it felt good being behind the lens for once) before stopping in Starbucks. Although our lives have taken us in different directions with attending different colleges and what not, we always make time to spend together, which is always a blast and tonight was no different. Whether it's going out for coffee, giving guy advice, laughing until we're in tears, or reflecting on our favorite memories from high school, I always have the best time with my girls. I'll always be grateful to them for extending their friendship to me in my loneliest of moments. As a young woman experiencing life in my early twenties, life is bound to have its hardships and battles and even its enchanting and delightful moments. However, it becomes that much sweeter when you have two awesome girlfriends by your side. 


  1. How sweet! Nothing like good and dependable girl friends!

  2. This song is awesome! Your style, sound and taste are so cool. Love it...absolutely LOVE IT!