Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gypsy Rose

Skirt and Crop Top: Free People 
Bag: Urban Outfitters 

Necklace and Earrings: Forever 21
Sandals: Nordstrom 
Sunglasses: Forever 21

I've been feeling very romantic lately, which could possibly be due to the natural core of who I am, my constant rotation of artists such as Hozier and Ry x, or the fact that I'll be strolling the timeless streets of Europe soon (thursday to be exact). Regardless of the cause, this gorgeous printed maxi skirt and crop top from my favorite place, Free People, was the perfect look for my current love sick persona. I'm absolutely in love with the array of colors and printed detail on the skirt. So long, it perfectly flows with every movement- not to mention the fitted lace crop top that adds a touch of sexiness with a plunged neckline, making my gypsy look picturesque. I've always viewed myself as a free spirit who at times wears my heart on my sleeves. It's even better when you have an outfit that compliments.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swept Away

Kimono, Romper, Shoes: Urban Outfitters 
Bag, Necklace: Urban Outfitters  Sunglasses: Forever 21

As if it's not apparent by now my style is very bohemian and comfort is key, which is why this black bow romper and detailed kimono from Urban Outfitters just felt organic to slip on. I'm absolutely obsessed with the color of the kimono as well as its movement.  So light and airy, it perfectly drapes the body and makes you feel ethereal. I also love the bow detail of the romper, which adds a touch of playfulness and is perfect to dress up or down. Adding my go-to fringe bag and lace up boot sandals (also from Urban) were awesome staples to my free-spirit look. I'm enjoying my last week in Michigan, as i'll be heading off to Amsterdam for a month next Thursday to study abroad. I'm extremely excited though slightly nervous, however I'm just anxious to awaken my streak of Wanderlust.  Someone wants told me that it's something weirdly calming about transplanting yourself to a foreign place. I'm ready for the Serenity.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parks and Recreation

Top and Shorts: Urban Outfitters   Necklace: Antique

Shoes: Urban Outfitters  Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Jewelry: Vintage 

Couldn't have asked for a more chill day and this was the perfect outfit for it. The weather was so hot and humid (I state with no complaints), which made me want to do just about nothing. After hitting up my favorite coffee shop Astro, for a cup of Joe (Coffee on a hot day? It's the addict in me.) I decided to go lounging in a park next to the D.I.A and enjoy the beautiful weather we're finally having in Michigan. My lightweight linen shorts and frilly loose crop top from Urban Outfitters were the perfect outfit to take on the heat. So lightweight, it felt like I was wearing nothing and was extremely comfortable, which was an added bonus. Aside from comfort I loved the style of the shorts which felt flirty and the top which added the right touch of sexiness. Adding a pair of cream lace up wedge healed sandals, also from Urban Outfitters, as well as some vintage jewelry were awesome statement pieces to finish my easy boho look.  A friend once told me how important it is to sometimes just unplug every now and then, and enjoy the small things. I have a tendency to become immersed in the fray happening around me and even more so wrapped up in my incessant thoughts. However it's moments like laying on the grass with nothing but a never ending ray of blue skies to focus on that creates a calming force.  After all, it does the soul good.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Montagues and Capulets

Dress: Urban Outfitters 

Rings: Vintage 

Can't help but feel romantic in this lovely floral printed cut-out maxi dress from Urban Outfitters. So feminine, it perfectly outlines the silouette of the body while adding a touch of sexiness with positioned cutouts that accentuate just the right places. There's something very alluring about maxi dresses that just feel more sexy- as oppose to the obvious skin revealing garments- leaving something to the imagination. To add to my "Star- Crossed Lovers" look, I decided to let my curls run wild and free that manage to become bigger due to the humidity. Stopping by one of my favorite delis for a quick lunch as well as doing a little vintage shopping were just an added bonus to my day. I managed to even find a gorgeous 1950s dress that i'll be wearing to my cousin's wedding this weekend and will be sure to blog. It's always nice to feel beautiful whether it's from a dress you're wearing or the presence of a loved one. The best part however, is when it comes from within.