Sunday, April 27, 2014

Betty Draper

Skirt: Vintage  Body Suit: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Bag: Henri Bedel  Earrings: Forever21

Shoes: Guess

There are certain times in my life when I enjoy the pleasures of being female and wearing this 1950s vintage flared skirt is certainly one of them. Found this beauty at my favorite vintage store, Lost and Found, a couple of months ago and couldn't wait for the weather to break in order to wear it. So feminine and flirty, I couldn't help but feel like I was transfixed in time baking homemade pies and listening to old Billie Holiday and Nina Simone records (though I'd be a lot less domesticated). Decided to pair my lovely skirt with my Guess gold strap pumps and a black body suit  from American Apparel that outlined my body, exposing the frame of my back. Gold drop earrings from Forever21 and silk black and gold outlined clutch from Henri Bendel were the perfect accessories to my timeless look. I absolutely love mixing vintage pieces with more modern wear. There's something so nostalgic about vintage pieces and I'm always fascinated with the story behind it. As cliche as it may sound, I often wonder about the woman who wore it, particularly with this skirt- Did she attend her first dance in it? Or kiss the guy of her dreams for the first time? Although my vintage pieces already have a story, it's something magical about creating my own memories in them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paint Me in Colors

Leather Jacket, Key Necklace, and Boots: Vintage 

Dress and Hat: Forever21 

Bag: Urban Outfitters  Rings: Vintage

Sunglasses: Ray Bans

I've been on a search for a sick leather jacket for some time so when I took a trip a couple of weeks ago to my favorite vintage store, Lost and Found, it was no surprise that this vintage leather cropped biker jacket was the first item I noticed. I love how solid it is, not only in its fit but also exterior, making it the perfect leather biker jacket and my newest baby. My leather lace up vintage boots were the perfect complimentary shoe to the edginess of my jacket. I wanted to add a touch of femininity by opting for a cream lace detailed dress from Forever21 which is so light weight and soft. I love the movement of the dress and it's baby doll structure, which perfectly shows off the legs, making my look flirty and fun. Adding a feather detailed wide brim hat and fringe bag with some vintage rings were great accessories, making me feel ultra cool like i've stepped out of WoodStock. I couldn't help but hear the powerhouse vocals of Janis Joplin or the seductive crooning of Ariel Pink's "Baby" playing in my head as I walked around one of my favorite cities, Ann Arbor. As cliche as it may be, I love the  myriad of brick buildings and walls layered in graffiti of the most vivid colors. It's as if you've entered a pathway of urban art and expression, I couldn't help but become absorbed in it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When in Toronto...

Boots: Nine West  Jacket: Top Shop  Cardigan: Banana Republic  Beanie: Target
Jacket: Nasty Gal  HighWaist Denim and Crop Top: American Apparel 

Boots: Doc Martens  Sunglasses: Ray Bans  Earrings: Forever21

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Denim Top: Thrifted  Denim Jeans: Urban Outfitters 

Extended my birthday celebrations with a weekend trip to one of my favorite places, Toronto. I haven't been in years but everytime I visit it's magical, and this particular time took on its own spark. Decided to keep things casual with an edgy street wear vibe, while exploring the city. It was something quite amusing about quickly jumping on the subway and streetcar- at moments getting lost though there was always a friendly Canadian to help (the stereotypes are true). There was no better moment than my visit to Kensington Market just outside of downtown. So wildly colorful and eccentric, it's filled with various vintage and thrift shops containing some of the most amazing vintage pieces i've ever seen (to which I feverishly indulged in). Kensington Market felt like a Cultural Utopia- exuberant in its range of ethnic restaurants and shops, quaint bars and coffee houses providing perfect moments of bliss and relaxation, while a myriad of drums and instruments pulsated throughout the area. Thanks to my visit with a friend, I couldn't help but become enveloped in the magic of this place, feeling quite nostalgic and wild. Toronto was the perfect end to an amazing birthday and just the beginning of moments to marvel at.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

21 Candles -Birthday Weekend

Dress: Nasty Gal 
Shoes: Guess 

Bag: Henri Bendel

Body Suit and Crop Leather Jacket: Nasty Gal  Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Boot: Nine West  Bag: Michael Kors 

Jewelry: Forever21

I've officially entered my adulthood by turning 21 this past weekend. It's amazing how quickly your younger years are just fleeting moments that quickly become past memories. I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion in style with two vampy looks, much thanks to Nasty Gal. My sequin backless dress was the perfect introduction to 21, because nothing says "Hello Adulthood!" like a thigh high split and sultry red lips, to which I wore to dinner that evening. Decided to pair my dress with gold strap pumps from Guess, which were incredibly sexy and surprisingly comfortable. After my amazing dinner at a fabulous steakhouse, I spent the next day in a pair of dark denim jeans from Urban Outfitters, and black lace body suit as well as my crop leather biker jacket also from Nasty Gal, for drinks and sushi. My green Michael Kors bag added the perfect pop of color to my already edgy look. I've never been a fan of my birthday but this particular year feels like it's going to be magical, filled with spontaneity and adventure, and who knows? Maybe even a little romance! However one thing is for certain- no matter what happens, it'll always be done in style.