Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beautiful One- Leaving Amsterdam

Kimono: Nordstrom  Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Jewelry: Forever21 

Halter Top and Shorts: American Apparel 

I can't believe that my time in Amsterdam has finally come to an end, my how a month's time flies! I decided to spend my last day taking in as much of the city as I could, soaking in all of it's beauty and charm. Opting for my cream lace knit kimono from Nordstrom was the perfect standout piece to feel otherworldly while strolling through some of my favorite neighborhoods. So soft and bohemian like, it effortlessly flowed through the warm breeze of the day. I decided to pair it with my super sexy halter body suit and high waist tap shorts from American Apparel and gypsy styled jewelry- adding the perfect pop of color with my favorite hue of blue. To say I'll miss Amsterdam is an understatement and i've made so many memories here that it's like a second home to me. From my daily strolls across the most enchanting canals, espresso and croissants from my favorite quaint cafes, jumping on stage and dancing freely at various bars, marveling at Van Gogh's outstanding art, enthralled by the very essence of the flea markets, getting lost in Brussels only to meet some cool ass frenchmen, flirting with gorgeous dutchmen, and even conquering my fear of pigeons, Amsterdam will forever have a special place in my heart. I've become such a woman here who's not afraid to take risks and is completely comfortable in my own skin. The tragedy of Life is that it's fleeting, however what makes it beautiful are all the endless possibilities in what we make of that temporary time, and the people we become because of it. I'm truly blessed for the experiences I've had, the memories that follow and the exciting adventures that are to come. After all, living only comes once...and a Beautiful One it shall be.

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