Friday, May 30, 2014

Green Pastures


Kimono and Boots: Vintage 
High-waist Cutoffs: Vintage Levis   Crop Top: American Apparel 
Bag: Vintage Coach 

Earrings and Ring: Vintage  Bracelets: Forever 21  

I've been feeling pretty melancholy lately, almost like I'm on an emotional seesaw. Sometimes I have really high moments and then there are times when I feel very alone-though physically surrounded by others, emotionally and mentally I'm almost vagrant like.  However, it felt great to go out for some fresh air to clear my head on such a lovely day. Finally got the chance to wear my vintage kimono and detailed drop earrings I found in Toronto during my birthday. Decided to pair them with my favorite pair of high-wast vintage Levi cutoffs, a vintage Coach shoulder bag and my brown vintage lace up boots. A white crop top from American Apparel added just a touch of sexiness by revealing a bit of skin. While I spent some time Downtown I decided to visit Go! Sy Thai for a delicious Thai dish, as well as my newest obsession, Drought, (inside the Shinola Store in Midtown) for a delicious all natural/ organic/ vegan juice. I opted for the beet, carrot, apple, and lemon infused juice which was AMAZING! In life you're bound to have crappy days and moments when you don't feel your best or get what you want, however I'm learning to embrace the small moments that make life worth living.

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