Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She's Lost Control

Coat and Boots: Vintage 

High-waist Cutoff Shorts: Vintage Levis  
Graphic Tee: Urban Outfitters  Flannel: American Apparel 

Rings: Forever21 

Hat: Revolve Clothing
Decided to keep things casual though edgy with my favorite graphic Joy Division tee and vintage Levi cutoff high-waist shorts. Joy Division has to be one of my favorite bands, so raw and innovative, Ian Curtis's voice still gives me chills-their sound will never get old for me. The weather is still harsh here in Michigan so my 100% cashmere vintage coat was perfect to keep me warm. Adding my vintage boots, my Sir Robert flannel plaid shirt from American Apparel, and favorite wide brim velvet hat from Revolve Clothing were just the right touch. In whatever I wear comfort is key, so it's nice to have a stylish look that's also relaxed to go with a chill day. Think I'll spend the evening playing old records and dancing wildly though unapologetically to Joy Division's "Transmission." Nothing like losing yourself in music.

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