Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When in Toronto...

Boots: Nine West  Jacket: Top Shop  Cardigan: Banana Republic  Beanie: Target
Jacket: Nasty Gal  HighWaist Denim and Crop Top: American Apparel 

Boots: Doc Martens  Sunglasses: Ray Bans  Earrings: Forever21

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Denim Top: Thrifted  Denim Jeans: Urban Outfitters 

Extended my birthday celebrations with a weekend trip to one of my favorite places, Toronto. I haven't been in years but everytime I visit it's magical, and this particular time took on its own spark. Decided to keep things casual with an edgy street wear vibe, while exploring the city. It was something quite amusing about quickly jumping on the subway and streetcar- at moments getting lost though there was always a friendly Canadian to help (the stereotypes are true). There was no better moment than my visit to Kensington Market just outside of downtown. So wildly colorful and eccentric, it's filled with various vintage and thrift shops containing some of the most amazing vintage pieces i've ever seen (to which I feverishly indulged in). Kensington Market felt like a Cultural Utopia- exuberant in its range of ethnic restaurants and shops, quaint bars and coffee houses providing perfect moments of bliss and relaxation, while a myriad of drums and instruments pulsated throughout the area. Thanks to my visit with a friend, I couldn't help but become enveloped in the magic of this place, feeling quite nostalgic and wild. Toronto was the perfect end to an amazing birthday and just the beginning of moments to marvel at.


  1. love it....great style and class:) Looks like you had a ball...

  2. Beautiful Pictures for a Beautiful Weekend